Acquara orbit

Acquara is an idyllic Class M planet in the Uncharted Territories, inhabited by a humanoid race called the Acquarans.

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The Acquarans were a group of colonists from the Hynerian Empire, sent by Dominar Rygel X. They were under the impression they were to expand the influence of the Empire. They reached a planet within the Uncharted Territories, and soon found that they were unable to return to space or use technology of any kind. Unbeknownst to the colonists save their priestans, they had been sent out with a statue containing a negative power vortex which inhibited the use of any technology.

The Acquarans were forced to adopt a culture of low technology, and the priestans built a cult devoted to worship of the Hynerians. The priestans came to control the entire civilization. This lasted for many cycles without changing, until the arrival of the human called John Crichton.

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John Crichton crashed the Farscape-1 Module on the planet after being inadvertantly abandoned by the Leviathan Moya. Crichton lived apart from the Acquarans, though he managed to attract the attention of Lishala. This, unknown to the human, set the stage for a power struggle and endangered his life. Moya returned, however, and Ka D'Argo and Rygel XVI reached the surface of the planet before Crichton could be killed. The Acquarans, recognizing Rygel as one of the deities, and thus prepared to ritually sacrifice him. Instead, Aeryn Sun and Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan located the source of the negative power vortex, and Crichton and Rygel turned it off. With their prophecy fulfilled, Rygel granted the Acquarans their freedom and allowed them to live as they chose.

Though the priestans had lost their hold over Acquaran society, they remained a largely low-tech society for a very long time and were largely undisturbed by other space faring races. The reformed Peacekeepers kept watch over the planet on behalf of the Hynerian Empire -- who still treated the planet as part of their territory -- ensuring the populace always had enough resources. Though Acquarans were allowed to leave the planet and traverse the galaxy, only a few ever chose to do so.

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Acquara was a planet seen in the first season of Farscape.