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"Alien Visitation" was a television program produced and aired on Earth in 2003 CE. It was hosted by an American named R. Wilson Monroe. The program interviewed and included footage of several of the aliens who came to Earth alongside John Crichton. This included Aeryn Sun, who had learned some English from children's programming in 1985 CE -- which she had reached through time travel. Most of these interactions with the aliens were prohibited from airing by the United States government, until some time in 2004 CE. At this point, the episodes were re-aired with the footage of extraterrestrials included.

The episodes were both hopeful and panicked in nature, through interviews with various experts including psychologists, sociologists, scientists, and even religious leaders. They also interviewed some people who had close contact with John Crichton and the aliens, including Bobby Coleman and Olivia Crichton. They also interviewed some who believed first contact had actually come years earlier -- including Robert Schelmacher, who had in fact been driven insane by the very same aliens during their time travel to the 1980's.

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