Arnessk Moya

Arnessk is a Class M planet in the Uncharted Territories of the Delta Quadrant. Along with Qujaga, it is one of two worlds that may have been the homeworld of the Eidelons.

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Arnessk was a world full of the Eidelon priests, marked by many temples. Eventually, the Eidelons vanished for unknown reasons. Following their disappearance, the planet was subject to harsh "magnetic summers", when an intense magnetic field made the planet uninhabitable. For 12,000 cycles, this was the case. Though the Interions excavated many sites on the temple, no trace could be found of what happened to the Eidelons.

Eventually, three probes were found that reversed the effects of the magnetic field, restoring the lost Eidelons -- who seemed to have been trapped outside of time. Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis remained on the planet to acclimate the priests to their new time.

Arnessk was greatly damaged by the Scarran flagship Decimator during the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, which destroyed the Darnaz Temple. Despite this, the Eidelon society was able to continue to grow and helped bring peace to the Uncharted Territories which lasted for many cycles, after the Kkore invasion was repelled.

Some time before 40,000 CE the planet Arnessk will be destroyed.

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Arnessk appears in Farscape's fourth season as well as "The Peacekeeper Wars".