The Chair

John Crichton in the Aurora Chair

An Aurora Chair, often simply called "the Chair", was an interrogation and torture device invented by Scorpius and used by the Peacekeepers. The original was found in the Gammak Base, though Commandant Mele-on Grayza had one installed on her command carrier. The Aurora Chair was primarily used to extract information from the minds of prisoners, and was considered an extremely useful method of doing so in cases where the subject was unwilling. The machine sorts through the minds of each subject, an experience that is terribly painful, going deeper depending upon the settings. The chair is also capable of removing information entirely. Repeated sessions in the chair frequently resulted in insanity.

Some species are more resistant to the chair than others -- Baniks and humans being among the most notable. No species is known to be capable of completely resisting the effects of the chair and no information or memory can be hidden from the chair. It is possible, however, to feed false information to the chair.

Scorpius' chair was used to glean information regarding the Scarrans' Chrysterium Utilia flower from Stark, and information regarding wormholes from John Crichton. Scorpius himself would become a subject of the chair at the hands of Grayza.

Sources Edit

The Aurora Chair is seen and mentioned in a number of Farscape episodes.