B'Sogg was the ruthless head of security on a budong mining colony, one which Chiana had spent some time on before joining the crew of Moya. During that time, Chiana chose B'Sogg's brother Temmon as her lover -- leaving B'Sogg with a lasting distrust and distaste for the Nebari woman.

When Chiana returned to the colony with her new shipmates, B'Sogg had come to control a Keedva. As an act of revenge for his earlier rejection, B'Sogg had his keedva kill Temmon. Soon, however, John Crichton killed the keedva and Chiana confronted B'Sogg. Though, when faced with the choice, she found she was unable to kill him she did fire into the wall of the dead budong -- causing an acid to pour out over B'Sogg. His fate after this is unknown.

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B'Sogg appears in an episode of Farscape.