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"Belters" were the name of humans born in the Vulcan Asteroid Belt. Belters could be recognized visually because, due to the lower gravity of their environment, they were taller and thinner than humans born on Earth and often had deformities in their physical development. Because of these deformities, Belters were often dehumanized by residents of Earth, Luna, and Mars. These deformities also made it incredibly difficult for Belters to function in normal gravity. It was also very difficult for Belters to have children, for the same reason, though Belter women frequently relocated to Ceres Station as the spin gravity made pregnancies and deliveries far more predictable.

The Belters were primarily a poor, working class group of people whose labor, primarily mining, provided important resources to the rest of Sol system. The value of this intensive labor did not prevent them from being oppressed and mistrusted. Eventually, the Belters began to resist the more organized political powers of the solar system and began to organize themselves -- this movement gave birth to the Outer Planets Alliance (or "OPA").

Belters had a culture that developed independently of those living on the inner planets. This included a dialect, known as Belter Creole, and several gestures which could be used to communicate while in a space suit. Though advances in artificial gravity and medical technology eventually led to the disapearance of the Belters, certain aspects of their culture persisted in the Sol system for centuries afterwards.

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Belters are derived from The Expanse.