The Breakaway Colonies are a small Sebacean empire located in the Uncharted Territories of the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way. They broke off from the Peacekeepers circa the year 100 CE (by the calendar of Earth) and established a monarchy, resisting all attempts made by the Peacekeepers to reconcile. Their location in the Uncharted Territories made them vulnerable to both the Peacekeepers and the Scarran Empire, as such the monarchy was constantly trying to appease both factions while remaining independent.

The seat of the monarchy's power is based on the Royal Planet, where the Empress and her Regent rule from. Succession is determined by the ability to create healthy offspring, as determined by the genetics of the royal couple. When this is established, the royal couple are wed and then frozen as conscious statues for 80 cycles where they will watch, and learn from, the political machinations of their empire.

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The Breakaway Colonies are seen in Farscape's second season.