Farscape one

The Farscape-1 module was a spacefaring vessel created by IASA. The module was designed specifically for use in the Farscape Project. The design was intended to allow the vessel to survive high acceleration from a gravitational slingshot maneuver.

While being piloted by John Crichton, the vessel was shot through a wormhole into the Delta Quadrant. In this area of space, the vessel was considered extremely primitive -- however, it was able to survive being piloted through wormholes whereas many other more advanced vessels were not. It was modified throughout Crichton's time in the Uncharted Territories -- including the addition of a second seat, as the craft was originally intended only to fit one individual inside. These modifications also allowed the module to use a variety of different fuels, and gave Farscape-1 the ability to reach speeds that human spacecrafts of the time were incapable of reaching. It also incorporated some of Moya's biomechanical technology.

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The Farscape-1 module is from Farscape. For canon information, please visit the Farscape Encyclopedia Project.