Linfer was a Relgarian scientist serving in the Sciences Division of the Peacekeepers. She was assigned to work on Scorpius' wormhole project under Drillic and, later, Co-Kura Strappa.

After the data recovered from Drillic's death, Linfer believed she had uncovered the secret to preventing the tissue liquification that occurred during unshielded wormhole travel. Believing that Scorpius was becoming unhinged and would eventually have her executed, Linfer volunteered to take the next test flight. In truth, this was not only a means of testing her theories but also a means to escape the Peacekeepers.

She located Moya and offered her wormhole knowledge to John Crichton, in exchange for taking the Leviathan biomechanoid. Because of the long history of positive relationships between Relgarians and Leviathans, Pilot and Moya were delighted by the prospect, but Crichton deliberated on the offer for a short while. While he thought it over, Linfer discovered that her shielding had only delayed and slowed the tissue liquificiation problem. Rather than suffer the agonizing death, Linfer flew into space in her Prowler and initiated its self-destruct sequence.

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Linfer is derived from Farscape.