Commandant Mele-On Grayza was a high-ranking member of the Peacekeepers, who had a gland implanted in her that allowed her to secrete heppel oil -- this gland would, however, shorten her lifespan. She used this and her feminine wiles to rise through the ranks of the organization.

As Commandant, she made several attempts to negotiate a truce with the Scarran Empire. To this end, she shut down Scorpius' wormhole project. However, in doing so, she became intrigued by John Crichton and his wormhole knowledge. Believing he would prove to be a useful as a tool in her negotiations and bargains with the Scarrans, she began pursuing Moya. Grayza attempted to interrogate Crichton using "more pleasurable" methods than torture -- but his rape at her hands left him traumatized long after his escape. Humiliated, Grayza set a price on his head and employed a myriad of bounty hunters to apprehend him.

Eventually, her peaceful talks with the Scarrans began to fall apart. She ordered her command carrier to attack one of their vessels -- but this was stopped by Miklo Braca, who revealed he had been loyal to Scorpius all along. Braca took command of her control carrier.

This defeat was not to last and before long, Grayza was consort to Grand Chancellor Maryk and was pregnant with his child. When Maryk confided his intention to surrender to the Scarrans in order to end the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, Grayza killed him and -- despite not being the new Grand Chancellor -- took full command of the Peacekeeper forces in the war. She engaged Emperor Staleek's fleet above the planet Qujaga. There, at the Battle of Qujaga, she bore witness to Crichton's demonstration of the devastating power of wormhole weaponry and finally agreed to sign a treaty with the Scarrans.

Some time later, when the Grennij began an invasion of the Uncharted Territories, Grayza sought to align herself with them. Aeryn Sun intervened in these negotiations, proving that the Peacekeepers had lost sight of their purpose. Admiral Tav Josbek stripped Grayza of her rank and gave it to Aeryn. Shortly afterwards, Grayza attempted to reclaim her command -- but this mutiny was stopped, and Grayza was court-martialled and subsequently exiled from the Peacekeepers.

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Mele-On Grayza is derived from Farscape.