A basic timeline of the Milky Way in the Prime Reality.

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  • Events from Farscape have not had their dates adjusted from canon.
  • Events from Warhammer 40k have not had their dates changed, however, some of the backstory dates have been adjusted.
  • Events from The Expanse have had their dates adjusted though not with a consistent time frame.
  • Events from Alpha Centauri have had their dates adjusted 270 years into the future from canon.
  • Events from Crusader have had their dates adjusted 200 years into the future from canon.
  • Some events from Firefly have had their dates moved 360 years into the future from canon, while other events have only had their dates adjusted 300 years into the future from canon.
  • Events from Starcraft have had their dates moved 600 years into the future from canon.
  • Events from Mass Effect have had their dates moved 800 years into the future from canon.
  • Many events from Star Trek have had their dates moved 1,000 years into the future from canon.

The Beginning Edit

The War in Heaven Edit

Age of Xel'naga Edit

The following events happen at unknown times over the next several millenia.

The Last Cycle Edit

Billions of Years Ago Edit

Age of Leviathans Edit

  • The Leviathans come to dominate the galaxy, enthralling all sentient species they encounter. In exchange for tribute, they offer protection.
  • After witnessing the synthetic races rise up against the races who created them, the Leviathans create an Intelligence to permanently protect organic life.

First Age Edit

Pre-Prothean Times Edit

Millions of Years Ago Edit

  • 65,000,000 BCE
    • The dominant species on Earth -- the dinosaurs -- and several other species are wiped out in an asteroid strike. Predicting the oncoming destruction, the sapient Voth use new warp drive technology to flee the planet.

Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago Edit

  • 500,000 BCE
    • Sargon's species is destroyed in a massive civil war which literally rips the atmosphere from their planet. A handful of survivors begin to live underground.
    • Exo III becomes nearly uninhabitable as its sun enters decline. The inhabitants relocate underground and build androids to serve them.
    • The Talosians develop warp drives.
  • 499,000 BCE
    • Civilization begins to flourish on Bajor.
  • 298,000 BCE
    • The arthenn civilization flourishes in the Zelene System, until they are destroyed. Few clues as to the events that destroyed them exist, though the planet Epho bears the scars of an orbital bombardment.

Pre-Council Times (BCE) Edit

Tens of Thousands of Years Ago Edit

  • 68,000 BCE
    • The Protheans achieve space flight and discover mass effect technology in inusannon ruins. They begin to construct a galaxy-spanning empire through use of the mass relay network, with the Citadel as their capital.
      • At some unknown point after this, the Protheans encounter a hostile race of machine intelligences whom they battle in the Metacon War. They manage to fend off the threat.
    • The inhabitants of Helios eradicate themselves in a civil war fought over khaydarin crystals.

Thousands of Years Ago Edit

  • 6,000 BCE
    • An alien race, seeking to escape the impending explosion of their sun, uploads one billion of their consciousnesses onto supercomputers stored on an AI-controlled starship. The vessels begins to traverse the galaxy on a journey that will last more than 8,000 cycles.
  • 5,000 BCE
    • The Aldeans construct a massive cloaking device to hide their planet.
  • 2,700 BCE
    • Earth is visited by aliens who are worshipped as gods by the ancient Greeks.
  • 2,600 BCE
    • The Egyptians, humans from Earth, build the pyramids of Giza.
      • Time traveling anthropologists from the future observe their construction.
  • 1,700 BCE
    • Sarpeidon experiences an ice age. This point in time is frequently used to exile people to by future natives of the planet.
    • The Vulcans are a war-like, savage race who are nearing the brink of self-annihilation.

Pre-Council Times (CE) Edit

First Century Edit

  • 30 CE
    • The Perpetual once known as Alexander the Great, under the name Lazarus, becomes acquainted with Jesus Christ.

Second Century Edit

Third Century Edit

  • 220 CE
    • The asari develop faster-than-light technology based on Prothean technology. They begin exploring the galaxy, and discover the Citadel.

Council Era - Formation Edit

Fourth Century Edit

Sixth Century Edit

Council Era - War Edit

Ninth Century Edit

  • 800 CE
    • The Rachni Wars begin: first contact with the rachni proves them to be a hostile race. Negotiation is impossible due to the harsh environment of the worlds where the rachni queens live.

11th Century Edit

The Second Age Edit

Council Era - Rebellion Edit

12th Century Edit

13th Century Edit

  • Spock's ancestors adopt ceremonial ground that remains in their family for at least the next ten centuries.

14th Century Edit

15th Century Edit

16th Century Edit

17th Century Edit

Citadel Era - Expansion Edit

18th Century Edit

19th Century Edit

  • 1822 CE
    • On Earth, the Rosetta Stone helps archaeologists begin to decipher ancient languages. This event would remain a cornerstone in Earth history for centuries to come.
  • 1863 CE
    • The Skagarans abduct a large number of humans and horses from Earth to serve as slaves. After they land on a planet in the Delphic Expanse, the humans overthrow their Skagaran overseers and found their own colony, which remains a stagnant Western society for centuries to come.

20th Century Edit

21st Century Edit

22nd Century Edit

  • 2100 CE
    • The Conclave sends Executor Adun to eradicate the Rogue Tribes. Instead of committing a genocide, he attempts to teach them to evade the Conclave. Untrained in their psionic abilities, they unleash devastating psionic storms. Nevertheless, Adun gives his life to protect them. They become known as the Dark Templar and are banished from Aiur.

23rd Century Edit

24th Century Edit

  • 2397 CE
    • Recent discoveries by human scientists allow technology involving space travel to leap ahead by several decades. Terraforming technology, too, advances significantly.

25th Century Edit

  • 2400 CE
    • The Collectors are first sighted in the Terminus Sector. The Citadel Council dismisses the reports as tall tales.
    • It becomes apparent that corporate rule over Earth has put too much strain on the planet and that it is beginning to lose the ability to sustain life. Plans are put together to evacuate Earth.
  • 2402 CE
    • New terraforming technology is tested on Mars.
  • 2405 CE
    • Terraforming attempts begin on Venus and Luna.
  • 2407 CE
    • Terraforming attempts on Venus and Luna are declared abject failures, due to a lack of resources. Without the ability to terraform most of the Sol System, moving to anywhere within the system will be insufficient for saving the population of Earth.
  • 2408 CE
    • Mass riots break out across Earth.
    • The Global Exodus Alliance is formed, and rapidly takes control of infrastructure, police, military, and the private sector as well -- officially ending the reign of the WEC.
    • Plans are officially outlined for evacuating Earth to the 34Tauri star cluster.
  • 2410 CE
    • Samples are collected of all biological lifeforms on Earth.
  • 2432 CE
    • Dozens of robot terraforming ships are sent to the 34Tauri cluster to prepare the way for humanity's arrival.
  • 2435 CE
    • In order to accomodate more of Earth's population, cities are dismantled to expand the fleet of arks.
  • 2450 CE
    • Supplies, fuel, stored genetic material and other cargo begin to be loaded onto Earth's ark fleet.
  • 2454 CE
    • Earth's population has steeply declined under the rule of GEA and most of the residents of Earth live in squalor.
      • People begin boarding the ark fleet.
        • A black market develops that sells various ways to be permitted onto an ark.
  • 2455 CE
    • The GEA declares global martial law on Earth.
  • 2457 CE
  • 2465 CE
  • 2484 CE
    • The Turei homeworld is rendered uninhabitable by plasma weapons. Six hundred Vaadwaur enter cryostasis, intending only to remain frozen for five cycles. They will be awoken in 892 cycles.

26th Century Edit

  • Bajoran explorers construct a solar-sail vessel to explore their star system.
  • The Second Dynasty rules over the Klingon Empire, briefly.
    • Following the assassination of Emperor Reclaw, the empire is ruled by an elected council. This period is known as the "Dark Time" but lasts only ten years.
    • The Third Dynasty begins their reign, taking names of the original royal family in order to create an illusion that the bloodline is unbroken.

27th Century Edit

  • 2695 CE
    • The Geth War begins: the geth become self-aware. Fearing an uprising, the quarians begin to dismantle them -- thus triggering the very revolt they had feared. The geth drive the quarians from their own worlds, forcing them to take up life as spacefaring nomads known as the Migrant Fleet.

28th Century Edit

  • The T'Lani and Kellerun declare war on each other.
  • Neural parasites caused the population of Beta Portolan to descend into insanity.
  • Colonists from Peliar Zel first begin to inhabit their homeworld's two moons.
  • On the planet Ux-Mal, hundreds of criminals have their consciousnesses separated from their bodies and are then imprisoned on the moon Mab-Bu VI.
  • 2702 CE
  • 2710 CE
    • The planet Whittier is finally completely terraformed. It is the final planet to be terraformed in the 34Tauri cluster.
  • 2721 CE
    • The geth begin constructing a massive structure that would serve to house and run every geth program simultaneously, maximizing their efficiency. Completion of this structure is the ultimate goal of the geth.
  • 2798 CE
    • An operation under the command of Derrial Book goes awry, and leads to a massacre of 4,000 people. He is discharged from the Alliance.

29th Century Edit

  • 2820 CE
    • The colonies of the Sol System have, by this point, managed to successfully terraform Earth and begun populating it once more. The efforts to repopulate the planet have also created a deep interest in the history of the planet, and national identities and celebrations of historical cultures become quite important once more.
  • 2829 CE
    • The United Powers League is established as the new government of Earth. 93% of the population agrees to their rule -- labeled as "enlightened socialism" but frequently resorting to fascist police tactics to maintain order.
  • 2859 CE
    • Due to a computer malfunction, Doran Routhe's four supercarriers passed Gantris VI -- proceeding to travel for 28 years and arriving roughly 60,000 light years from Earth. The engines of the supercarriers reach critical meltdown and emergency protocols are enacted. The four vessels crash on four separate planets in the Koprulu Sector.
      • The protoss begin observing the new arrivals to their sector.
  • 2870 CE
    • Growing frustrated with humanity's inability to establish contact with any of the lost human colonies outside of the Sol system, billionaire Victor Manswell begins funding his own expedition.
    • By this point, the Vulcans have rebuilt their society and begun interstellar exploration once more.
  • 2875 CE
    • 300 colonists enter cryogenic stasis, and the Manswell Expedition is launched. Communications with the vessel are lost soon after.
  • 2880 CE
    • About this time, work has resumed on faster-than-light travel, and such drives are becoming a more viable means of travel.

30th Century Edit

  • The Denobulans begin using genetic engineering.
  • 2900 CE
    • Human colonization begins outside of the Sol system in nearby systems. Corporations gain a lot of power, establishing mining colonies. To prevent the corporations from repeating the mistake's from Earth's past, the Galactic Authority is established to maintain law and order between the independent factions arising.
    • The Principality of Zairon is founded.
  • 2903 CE
  • 2919 CE
    • The human colonists in the Koprulu Sector develop space travel capabilities that allow them to reestablish contact with each other.
      • The people of Tarsonis begins exploring the rest of the sector.
      • The planet Bountiful is settled.
  • 2947 CE
    • Traces of element zero are found on Mars.
    • The Raza is hired to bring a rebellious mining colony back under control of Ferrous Corp. The crew enters stasis during the trip and emerges without memories of who they were. (Dark Matter begins.)

Council Era - Advent of Humanity Edit

  • 2963 CE
    • The Systems Alliance begins illegal research into artificial intelligence at a base on Sidon.
    • Experimental biotic implants are first used on humans.
    • A number of starship drive failures are ochestrated, showering human colonies in element zero. A second generation of children with biotic potential will be born as a result.
    • The Leviathan of Dis is discovered by a batarian survery team but disappears shortly thereafter under dubious circumstances.
  • 2965 CE
    • As a mark of humanity's growing influence in the galaxy, they are granted an embassy on the Citadel.
    • Tensions mount between humans and batarians, competing for the Skyllian Verge.
    • Terrorists steal antimatter from the SSV Geneva -- the only one who is captured names Cerberus as his sponsor. This is the first public action credited to the organization.

Rise of the Federation Edit

31st Century Edit

  • 3087 CE
    • The Terran Confederacy finds strange creatures on some of the Fringe Worlds. Unaware of the threat posed by these creatures (the zerg), they are transported to research facilities for study.
    • Jim Raynor turns eighteen and is conscripted into the military.

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Third Age Edit

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Dark Age of Technology Edit

15th Millenium Edit

18th Millenium Edit

  • The city of Commorragh is constructed within the Webway.
    • Eldar, seeking to avoid the attention of the Eldar Empire, escape to Commorragh to engage in hedonistic cult activities.
      • The hedonistic cults begin to rise in popularity, power, and influence. They take up permanent residence within the Webway.

19th Millenium Edit

  • Worship of the traditional Eldar Gods begins to wane across the Eldar Empire as new sects rise to power. The Dark Muses become the new figureheads of the vice-obsessed religious order.

20th Millenium Edit

  • The Eldar who live within the Webway, begin to steal suns from realspace to power their growing subspace civilization.
    • The star systems affected by these stolen suns wither and die. Millions of species are driven to extinction.

21st Millenium Edit

  • 20001 CE
    • A terrible catastrophe occurs -- forcing humanity to build up weapons and military tactics to defend themselves.

22nd Millenium Edit

  • Humankind first encounters and fights the Eldar and the Orks during this millenium -- both of which have become galactic superpowers in recent millenia. Humanity suffers heavy losses.

23rd Millenium Edit

  • The Knight Worlds manage to stand against the insanity that grips many human worlds, and their knightly orders battle daemons and other creatures from the Warp.

24th Millenium Edit

  • Warp storms cut off the planets that will eventually become the homeworld of the Squats. These storms will last 5,000 cycles.
    • This separation causes the humans living on these worlds to adapt to their conditions -- evolving into Squats.

Age of Strife Edit

25th Millenium Edit

  • There is a massive increase in the number of humans born with psionic and biotic potential.
    • Many of these psykers, having no control over their abilities, unleash untold destruction on their homeworlds.
      • Psykers begin to be treated as pariahs, often called "witches".
      • Psykers make convenient hosts for daemonic entities seeking to escape the Warp.
  • Galaxy-wide warp storms make faster-than-light travel all but impossible.
  • The Standard Template Construct database is lost -- causing much of human history and technology to be lost with it.
  • The Horiax Treatise -- an ancient text describing advanced genetic engineering -- is found. The technology required, however, is lost.
  • Due to the hedonism of the Eldar, a new entity begins forming the Immaterium.

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Age of the Imperium Edit

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